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“Watch Me Create My Own Kid’s Book–Start to Finish–From the Basic Story
to Illustrations, Layout, Publishing
and Sales...ALL in REALTIME!”
From the Desk of Tony Laidig...

re: The Exact Process You’ve Always Wished You Could Access...

How would you like to literally look over my shoulder as I design, illustrate, publish and sell my “First Flight” children’s book from scratch...In realtime?

Here’s the story...last year, as a part of my Kid’s Book Challenge, I wrote a story called, First Flight...a fun tale about the origin of fairies. And then LIFE happened and I never got the chance to create the illustrations or complete the book. Well, NOW is the time and I would like to invite you to sit by my side as I work through the ENTIRE process, start to finish, in realtime!

Why show you my behind-the-scenes creation process?

Simple. The methods I show you in real-time can be applied to ANY Children’s Book, including YOURS! This is YOUR chance to FINALLY see my full thought processes, the mistakes, the changes on designs that aren’t working and the tools I use on a regular basis.

This my ACTUAL production process, beginning to end, shown in real-time!

You will see me plan the illustrations. You will join me as I fashion the dolls and props for the shoot AND accompany me to shoot the actual photos I'll later use to illustrate the book.

You will get to watch me as I figure out the illustration process I choose to use for the book, design and layout the book, upload it to the printers, set it up on Amazon and SELL it!
ALL in Just 4 Weeks! Just in Time for the Holidays!
Now...for those of you who are TEMPTED to think, “But Tony, you are a designer with years of experience and I’m NOT!” I have news for you. I decided to create our new “Watch the Process” series SO THAT you can watch and learn. I WISH I had the same opportunity to learn this way WITHOUT spending a fortune. So please understand the opportunity being handed to you here!

I chose to showcase THIS particular project for TWO reasons: First, this story is a typical kid’s story like any other that needs illustrated just like yours does; and second, teaching this stuff is one thing, but seeing it happen in realtime is MUCH more helpful, personal and revealing!
“Watch the Process: Kid’s Books–From Start to Finish!”
In this BRAND-NEW Behind-the-Scenes Workshop, you will literally sit right next to me (OK, virtually, but you get the idea) and watch me through the ENTIRE process...however long it takes (my guess is 15 - 25 hours). From start to finish! Even if you have already created and published your own children’s books, this unique behind-the-curtain style hands-on step-by-step workshop will be an invaluable asset in your product creation arsenal!

While MOST of the video time will be spent with me actually DOING the work, I will STILL provide instruction and strategy as much as possible! This is primarily a “sit beside me, watch how I do it - mistakes and all - and learn with me.” 

If you’re getting burned out on formal training and want to actually IMPLEMENT something... THIS is it! And I think you’re going to LOVE it!

Here’s just SOME of what is included:
  • The Research: I share my approach to creating and developing the world in which the story takes place. There are several more books planned and that requires advance planning for the sake of consistency.
  • The Story: I will share the story and the editing process it went through to get it to its final form.
  • The Illustrations:​ I will be using the SAME methods I teach...shooting photos and turning them into final illustrations for the book. You will join me for all the advance prep work for the photos, watch the entire photoshoot on-location, see all the gear used, watch the edit process, the creation of the final illustrations and more!
  • The Design and Layout:​ You will watch the process of going from a blank document to a finished book ready to publish...both the interior and the cover!
  • The Publishing: You will see me prepare the PDF for upload to the printer, set up the book for printing, the setup on Amazon and ordering the proofs!
  • The Marketing: I will show you how I set up a pre-sell website for advance book orders, create promo campaigns for social media and get my first sales!
As I have new videos recorded and ready in the Member’s Area, you will be notified so that you can follow the entire process from start to finish!
Your Investment TODAY...
This workshop easily shares enough value and insights to justify a $297 (or higher) price point... I mean, I do NOT normally let people watch my entire design production process! BUT... I also recognize the value this will bring to you... and want as MANY people to benefit from this as possible. 

The insider secrets and methods shared and demonstrated in this “Watch the Process” training can be applied to nearly ANY type of kid’s book...whether your interest is publishing illustrated stories, educational books and readers or activity books! 

These are the types of design skills and strategies you DEFINITELY want in your digital toolbox! What I love most is how it doesn’t matter what topics your books address...the PROCESS will apply to most types of children’s books! 

“Kid’s Book Challenge Introductory Training” Video: This hour+ training shares vital information and strategies important to your book’s success!

Autographed “First Flight” Book: I plan to offer BOTH paperback AND hardback editions of the book and I'd love to include a signed copy of the paperback version JUST for you! After all, you will have literally seen the entire creation process for the book!

I am positioning this “Behind-the-Scenes” workshop so that YOU can make an EASY buying decision, which is why I have decided to decrease the Introductory Pricing for this “Watch the Process: Kid’s Books–Start to Finish” to...
Just $297 $97!
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