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“Watch My ENTIRE Creation Process of the “Mars Travel Guide” Marketing PDF... from Art Creation and Layout to Writing and REALTIME!”
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How would you like to literally look over my shoulder as I create a BRAND NEW “Illustrated Sales Story” Marketing PDF... from scratch...In realtime?

I’m talking about everything from turning the AI-generated landscapes into artwork and page design to the document layout and copywriting... all AS I create it!

This is more than a “training.” It’s a “watch my ENTIRE process” from start to finish as I create the Marketing PDF for promoting my “Deep Dive: AI Landscapes” training.

Why show you the FULL behind-the-scenes on this creation process?

Simple. The methods I show you in real-time can be applied to ANY creative work, including illustrated books, printables, marketing materials and MORE! This is YOUR chance to see how I actually work when creating marketing thought processes, the mistakes, the changes on designs that aren’t working and the tools I use on a regular basis.

This my ACTUAL production process, beginning to end, shown in real-time!

Below are a few of the pages you’ll watch me create along with some of what I reveal during the recorded process:

This Is a Real-World Example of How to Use AI-Generated Landscapes in a Fun and Effective Product Design!
Now...for those of you who are TEMPTED to think, “But Tony, you are a designer with years of experience and I’m NOT!” I have news for you. I decided to create our new “Watch the Process” series SO THAT you can watch and learn. I WISH I had the same opportunity to learn this way WITHOUT spending a fortune. So please understand the opportunity being handed to you here!

I chose to showcase THIS particular project for TWO reasons: First, this PDF perfectly demonstrates an effective way to use AI-generated landscapes in product creation; and second, marketing PDFs are PROVEN to increase e-mail open rates, clickthroughs and sales. What a GREAT tool to have in YOUR bag of tricks!
“Watch the Process: Illustrated Sales Stories”
In this BRAND-NEW Behind-the-Curtain Workshop, you will literally sit right next to me (OK, virtually, but you get the idea) and watch me through the ENTIRE 7-Hour+ process.... From start to finish! Even if you are already generating AI-generated landscapes (or using OTHER types of images), this unique behind-the-curtain style hands-on step-by-step workshop will give you new insights, ideas, encouragement, and MORE... Guaranteed!

While MOST of the video time is spent with me actually CREATING the PDF, there are STILL times when I slip into teacher-mode (can’t help! This is primarily a “sit beside me, watch how I do it - mistakes and all - and learn with me.” 

If you’re getting burned out on formal training and want to actually IMPLEMENT something... THIS is it! And I think you’re going to LOVE it!

Here’s just SOME of what is included:
  • Image Scaling and Illustration Conversion: The “photos” generated using the AI Landscapes process are typically 512px X 512px, which is WAY too small for use in ANY project. I show you how I resize the images and then convert them into paintings for use in the final project.
  • Design Research and Layout Creation:​ My inspiration in creating this design project was the vintage-style travel postcards. You will see me research the best approaches for recreating this style using our AI Landscape images. We then pull together those elements together with other vintage design styles to create the foundational page layouts used in the final PDF.
  • Writing the Descriptions:​ Each of the “Mars Vacation Destinations” need sales descriptions for the Travel Guide. You will see me make them up on the fly and write them (and re-write them) in real-time! You will also see how I generate names for each destination and incorporate those into the designs. This is the narrative of the piece...the story that drives the WHY of the design piece.
  • Final Layout Design: The final layout for the project was created in PowerPoint. You will see me start from scratch, hear my thought process and watch the document change from a blank single page into the final PDF!
  • The Changes: Not everything I set out to do worked as planned. Several aspects of this project had to be redesigned after realizing that it wasn’t turning out the way I had hoped. I also changed my mind several times on the design elements, descriptions and more. You see and hear it ALL!
I have broken up the entire 7+ hour process into 6 videos to make it easier to watch and re-watch as needed. I also decided to include all my source files used for the designs...ALL 10 AI-Generated Landscapes, the segmentation maps I used to generate them, the background and design elements I used for the page backgrounds and more! That way you can follow along and RE-CREATE the same designs while I’m creating them in the video!
Your Investment TODAY...
This workshop easily shares enough value and insights to justify a $297 price point... I mean I do NOT normally let people watch my entire design production process! BUT... I also recognize the value this will bring to you... and your potentially tight budget. 

The insider secrets and methods shared and demonstrated in this “Watch the Process” training can be applied to nearly ANY type of publishing or design project...whether your interest is publishing kid’s books, games, marketing materials or printables you’ll sell on Etsy! 

These are the kind of design skills you DEFINITELY want in your digital toolbox! What I love most is how it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in...The PROCESS will apply to most niches you are likely focusing on! 

“Illustrated Stories in Marketing” Video Training: This FUN video takes a look at surprising stats from a 6-Month experiment, planning your stories from a marketing perspective, creating the illustrations and much more! 

I am positioning this “Behind-the-Scenes” workshop so that YOU can make an EASY buying decision, which is why I have decided to decrease the Introductory Pricing for this “Watch the Process” to...
Just $197 $67!
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